Sunday, 8 March 2009

Crime in Malaysia

All eyes have been on the Malaysian Police over the recent allegations of torture, forced coercions etc. A few years ago it was corruption, cronyism and a biased view of the more powerful among us. Nonetheless I sympathise with them and their alleged take no prisoners attitude. One just has to glance at the newspapers on a daily basis to appreciate the scale of the crime wave that is sweeping the country.
It seems like everyman and his dog and his dogs brother are in town to relieve the more fortunate ones of their possesions, lives and the virginity of their 6 year old daughters. Fighting fire with fire is more than justified these days but what is really needed is a greater understanding of the causes of these ailments that Malaysia currently faces.
Logic tells me that it arises from a lack of other opportunities to adequately provide for ones family, to fuck someone else (of a decent age!) withouth the immoral police banging on your doors, of open borders which are easy to get across( 10 bucks and you get across, 15 and it comes with a happy ending) and vaious other things that are the result of the administration going into disrepair over the past few years .

I ramble. To sum up, let the po-po do their job to the best of their efforts. Let them clean up the streets. People are calling for CSI techniques and fair policing. That kind o'shit dont work. Ask the British Police....16 year old stabs someone and gets out of juvey when he/she is 18, no record. Thanks very much.

..I want some old skool Starsky and Hutch baby!!!!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

water music

handel in the evening, equity markets all time lows...vols not bid, skew getting wonders what the next surprise is going to be. i think its a squeeze on the way!!! well lets see. thinking of buying a basket of bad bank shares....howzabout that? fastest way to get into the poorhouse? think its time to put the money where my mouth is.

i think i am going to start writing a book. must remember to work on my event log as well!!