Wednesday, 19 November 2008

And we go lower

Ho Hum. Another day another sell off. Its amazing how much prices are correcting here in London. Rentals are down subtantially or should i say the bids are down but the offers are still staying at delusional levels. landlords : hit the best bid you can find and lock them in for 2 years straight!!!! there is no way in hell rents are going to return to 07 vintage no more baby! we have been screwed for too long and too much! time to buy an aston or a porsche as well i think. lowball bid some poor bloke and i think you will get hit! moral of the story : when times are good, keep saving your money. be a cheap bastard. they never last and as we all have found out, they dont give a shit when it comes to firing people.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Raise the Colours

markets calming down a little. wild october into a quiet november and possibly december. sell that december upside in financials. if there is a brief rally coming up, vols could get smoked beyond smoked. otherwise, stay small long gamma and small long put skew.........and buy cheap divvies for 09/10. someones got to payout something so why not risk it. think the markets have overpriced divvie cuts by way too much. parallels of the Asian financial crisis here.

on another note, London is gloomy once again with winter on the doorstep. eyeing a Leica M8.......sigh. anyone wanna trade.....sell the firstborn forward for a Leica. retail therapy is amazing sometimes. buy some shit and it keeps you happy for a while then buy some more shit and all the accessories.....then you get depressed again and buy more shit! good huh.