Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Raise the Colours

markets calming down a little. wild october into a quiet november and possibly december. sell that december upside in financials. if there is a brief rally coming up, vols could get smoked beyond smoked. otherwise, stay small long gamma and small long put skew.........and buy cheap divvies for 09/10. someones got to payout something so why not risk it. think the markets have overpriced divvie cuts by way too much. parallels of the Asian financial crisis here.

on another note, London is gloomy once again with winter on the doorstep. eyeing a Leica M8.......sigh. anyone wanna trade.....sell the firstborn forward for a Leica. retail therapy is amazing sometimes. buy some shit and it keeps you happy for a while then buy some more shit and all the accessories.....then you get depressed again and buy more shit! good huh.

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