Thursday, 21 August 2008

Markets Getting Hit

well looks like doomsday is yet again upon us. Lehman getting smacked. Uk retailers got smacked. Been out of the market for a while now but looks like things have not changed much. Liquidity is still shite. Clients aren't doing much. Gamma is not realising.

nevertheless, i would be putting my money into US financials. Looks like they have taken quite a bit of pain already and have priced in quite a bit. would not bet the house though just in case. Wonder where Deutsche Bank divvys are trading now. Need to get my hands on a Bloomberg soon. Holidays first. In a dramatic shift in my priorities, i am fucking off for 2 months. Far East then NY. what a blast its going to be. My first Bear market holiday.

I still want an SP2 though. Once i get back into the swing of things........that lovely VTwin sound will be lulling my neighbours to sleep!

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